Coaching busy professionals to their fitness goals

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Hi, I’m Grant!

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Providing busy professionals with simple and scientific routes to fitness goals

This is what I love to do…

I provide busy professionals and parents with simple, scientific, personalised plans to help them to their chosen finish line. The buzz I get when I see someone improve their health and achieve their goal is why I do it.

With experience in completing and coaching a wide range of events, from 5k’s to Ironman triathlons, I can use my knowledge of training as well as my own experience of fitting it in alongside family and work. I fully understand that to ‘do it all’ requires balance and careful coordination. It is with the understanding of being a father of 3 and a business owner that I have direct experience in juggling life and crossing finish lines. One key thing I have learnt – If you don’t plan to succeed, you won’t.

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A flawless process…

I have worked with many clients to develop a tried and tested process to get you to your finish line. The initial questionnaire helps me to personalise your plan from Day 1, the communication framework utilises whatever aspects of technology you prefer and access to the world-leading TrainingPeaks fitness app means you always know what you have done and what’s next. I’ve done all the thinking, so you don’t have it. Hop over to the Reviews to see how well it works.

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Do I really need to pay for a plan?

The internet is a wonderful thing – you can google pretty much anything, and it will provide you with a guide, instructions, insights into how to achieve your goal. Seems simple but simple only works if its effective and for many it just doesn’t work. The science behind a generic plan isn’t specific to you, your current/previous performance, your injuries, your metrics and there is no feedback loop. It isn’t ‘live’. You can increase your odds of success with a personalised plan, that incorporates your life’s schedule and importantly where you are accountable to me as your coach.

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