Submit a questionnaire

Your personalised plan is personal from the start. Completing a simple questionnaire allows me to understand more about you and what you want to achieve. After submitting your details and answering a couple of questions, you can then choose a suitable day and time for a one-to-one video chat or phone call.

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Video chat with yours truly

Leveraging the power of technology, the next step is to meet on video (or a phone call if you’d prefer). This allows me to build upon the detail shared in your questionnaire and understand more about you. Getting to know you better, understanding your motivations and concerns helps me to consider how we can get the most out of working together.

Choose a plan perfect for you

There are two options available depending upon your requirements. Choosing a plan is simple. Once you have chosen your plan and duration (ideally up until your chosen event), payment is set-up via direct debit and you are ready to go!

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Get app ready

Download the TrainingPeaks app and connect with me as a Coach. This then allows me to kick start your plan by setting the parameters I need you to use as training zones, start tracking your metrics and making scientific data-driven adaptations to your plan.

Train, train, train

All training is uploaded into the Training Peaks calendar with daily emails as reminders. All training carried out is tracked from smart watches and uploaded into Training peaks