Here’s a few of them talking about their journey so far…

I’d met Triathletes in my Cycling time. I’d ask myself questions ‘Could I do that???’ I spent time reading books and watching YouTube videos but I didn’t want to make a mistake. Entrance my Coach, Grant. Grant set to work, helping me plan my way through Triathlon so I could focus on my Training. The combined help of the TrainingPeaks app would let me know my Weeks/Months Training so I could tie in my family life and training effectively. Grant was good enough to stay with me on my first half distance Tri the ‘Cotswold 113’ which is perfect for beginners. I could leave you with hints and tips, run trainer’s and bikes, but my best advice would be: Leave the planning to Grant so you can concentrate and enjoy your triathlon Journey.

Nigel Brown – Middle distance triathlon

When I agreed to take part in a charity cycle ride from Bristol to Barcelona I knew I would need some help achieving the fitness required. Grant offers flexibility for training sessions that fit in around working full time which was great for me. He started me off with getting me fit enough to get on my bike and giving me exercises that I could also do at home. Grant then set up a 4 week plan to improve my fitness levels and this got me to my peak so when I set off on my challenge I was ready for the cycling 80 miles a day for 3 weeks. His help was a massive part of me achieving this challenge and I would not hesitate to recommend him for whatever fitness challenge you want to achieve.

Karen Bye – Bike ride from Bristol to Barcelona 

I first met Grant when he was recommended to assist with my training to get me back to fitness after having a bike accident. (push bike vs car doing 70MPH which very nearly killed me). He got me back to a level of fitness and strength which helped with everyday life as well as helping me to get back on the bike. Earlier on this year I decided to do the bike ride again (the one I was doing when I had my accident) and wanted to get coaching to get me through it, 430 miles round trip. I decided to speak to Grant about this as he had been there through my rehab and I cannot thank him enough for the work he has done. I have noticed considerable improvements in my strength and fitness on the bike. He is very easy to get on with and adjusts what is needed to deal with my mixed schedule. Nothing is too difficult for him to sort out. I cannot recommend Grant enough.

Stewart MacDonald – return from injury to cycling

Grant has taught me how to condition my body to run further and more efficiently. I know how important core strength is, especially sitting at a desk 8 hours a day then expecting my body to be able to cover a 10km at the end of it. My fitness before this regular training was not poor, but my strength was feeble. I am now stronger than I have ever been, and this physical exertion has protected my mental strength in the hardest year I’ve ever gone through.

I don’t think I am able to put into words how grateful I am for everything Grant has taught me so far.

Lisa Holyoake – Multi 10k and half marathon finisher

Grant produced a personalised training plan for me to complete over 12 weeks to help me prepare for a half marathon – and it was awesome!

Despite me living just under 200 miles away, Grant’s fantastic communication and regular check-ins, enabled me to train injury free to a planned schedule of runs adjusted to my home and work life when needed.
I could not recommend Grant’s services enough – an expert in this area with great communication and commitment to you achieving your goals.

Amy Gudgeon – Cardiff half marathon

Grant provided me a training plan which gave the necessary structure that was missing when I was training on my own. Grant taught me some key principles to keep in mind when training. The best thing about Grant’s plan is that it is tailored to the person and their circumstances. For example, the plan he provided to me took into account my fitness level, days when I am away and the amount of time available for training (without impacting too much on the family time). Thank you Grant for all the help and support.

Madhu Nachiappan – Half marathon and 5k PB

Thank goodness I was hooked up with Grant at Planned Fitness Goals, who, online, patiently went through with me what goals I wanted to achieve, then set about tailor-making an achievable plan for me to follow, via free version of the Training Peaks App.

I managed to take nearly 14 minutes off a previous 10K race time!!

Don’t hesitate to sign up, you’ll get an extremely knowledgeable, online Personal Trainer that really listens to your needs, gets results and most importantly somehow makes exercise something to look forward to!!

Roni Bruno – Westonbirt 10k

I realised quite quickly that there was no way I was going to complete my first half marathon without some serious help.
I was put in touch with Grant, who provided me with a personalised 16 week training plan, to fit in with my family/work life.
We also had regular catch-ups by phone to discuss my progress and any problems/injuries.
Grant is incredibly motivating and encouraging and without his help I never would have managed the step up from my usual 6 miles to completing a half marathon.

Catherine Curtis – Bristol Half marathon finisher

I would ride a bike, and I would really enjoy it, but wasn’t a ‘cyclist’. Over time my passion for it grew, but my limitations became frustrating. Grant was great, we went on a journey, we agreed the end point and I trusted his process. He is credible and authentic. His knowledge base is from a foundation of actual experience, it’s not theoretical. He understands the curve balls of kids, work, injury and life in general, and his process adapts around all of it. We have achieved some great milestones, and mileage. Can’t recommend Grant highly enough.

Steve Pickstock