Endurance events company

I have teamed up with Trimax Events which puts on all types of endurance events running, triathlon and duathlon. All my coached athletes will have access to discounted race entries for any Trimax event


Triathlon and Cycle wear

HUUB and senominous in endurance /triathlon. Team PFG members will have access to discounts across the HUUB range 


Precision fuel and hydration

All team PFG athletes will get a club discount at Precision fuel and hydration meaning that all your hydration and fuelling needs will be covered by this leading brand!


Bike retailer

For anything bike related, from new bikes, parts, clothing or bike fits BW cycling are a must for any cyclist or triathlete. BW cycling are an independent shop in Bristol run by a former Olympian Oli Beckinsale and amateur Xterra world champion Andy Wadsworth who offer advice and experience of over 50 professional cycling experience.


Bristol Up & Running

For anyone based in Bristol you’ll get the experience and support of Rick and his team at Bristol Up & Running all whilst receiving a team pfg discount!



As a runner and a duatlhete Hayley from Smith Sports therapy can help with any run or triathlon related injury and get you back to training and across your finish line. Hayley works with all levels of sports people from recreational runner and age group triathletes to elite level cyclists and triathletes


Vo2 Fitness testing

The best way to improve your fitness is to fully understand your training zones. I have teamed up with Jonathan Robinson at Bath University to carry out fitness testing in a clinical environment. Whether it’s run, bike or rowing Jonathan will carry out your fitness testing and share your training zones allowing for your training to be personalized to your exact level of fitness


Sports massage

Martin provides a perfect support model for busy professionals and parents, by delivering sports massage to your door with his mobile service!! As training increases so will the need for sports massage’s. As well as an experienced therapist Martin has an elite level running background representing Bath University and giving him the no:1 ranking in Great Britain.



Known as the 4th discipline in triathlon Sarah has experience working with elite and age group athletes. Sarah works with Data – your data so all your advice is based on you, and you alone. With Sarah’s support your training and results can be transformed to new levels.