Lots of people have ran a half marathon or completed a triathlon, right? The problem with downloading, reading a book or listening to a podcast outlining a generic plan is that plan was never made for YOU. The person preparing the plan doesn’t know you; what hours you have available to train, at what times of day, what nutrition requirements you have, what injuries you struggle with or importantly what’s going on in your head. The plan doesn’t flex when something doesn’t go as intended. For some of you, you may be toying with whether you can do just a good a job without paying for a scientifically- led, personalised training plan.

I suggest you take a look at the questions below, if you answer Yes to one or more of the Yes’ or No to one or more of the No’s, I believe I can add a lot of value to your training experience and increase your chances of success.


Have you downloaded and tried to follow a generic plan?

Have you become injured training for an event?

Have you become ill training for an event?

Have you ever failed to achieve your targeted personal best (PB)?

Do you train the same way that you did last year or the year before?

Do you just run without scientifically understanding if further is actually better? (Otherwise known in the industry as Junk Miles?)

At the end of a training session, have you ever questioned whether your session was optimised – should you have swum, biked or ran instead? Faster or longer?

Do you have a full-time job or family commitments?

Do you struggle to train consistently?


Have you ever planned a training diary that works specifically around your life?

Do you build in rest days or de-load periods?

Do you carry out weekly strength or core training?

Do you know your training zones?

Do you understand how the body is fuelled by fat or carbohydrates?

Do you carry out technique drills?

Are you accountable to anyone when training?

Have you ever had or executed a race plan?

Based on your responses, if you know that a personalised training plan is what you need – go to the Plan page to see what plan is best for you and then complete the questionnaire where we will have a follow up initial consultation.